Deck Up with best fashion jewellery choices on Navaratri

Navratri is round the corner and people are all set to welcome it in grand style. Jewelleries are a must for Navratri and both traditional and fashion jewelleries rule the roost in equal ways. But, when it comes to youth, fashion and youthful collections tops the list. Among the fashion jewellery, ivory jewellery, oxidised metal are among the top.

Like any other year, this year also various jewellery shops have come up with delicate, colourful and youthful jewellery. Transparent stone, Meena work and oxidised jewellery are a must for the perfect jewellery lover as well. Among fashion jewellery, neck cuffs and colourful bracelets are a hit this season. Among bracelets, most shops are offering diamond fashion bracelets online also. Other jewellery includes metal neck cuffs with engraving, stone jhumkhas and chaand jhumkis.

Oxidised jewellery is also gaining attention among jewellery seekers. These oxidised bangles, bracelets and chains come with Meena work, coloured stones, jaali work etc. Inspired from various movies, ornaments like Chaand Baali and Kamarbandh have also become a rage among fashionistas during Navaratri.

Here are a few of the many fashion jewellery choices for this season of Navratri.


These are the trendiest among all the collection of jewellery. It comes with a pom-pom layer and is an eye-catcher. It is an exquisite piece and is a must-buy during Navratri season. These fashion necklaces can be used with multi-coloured Ghagra cholis.


Bracelets are a must-buy during Navaratri. Bracelets are provided by most of the stores as diamond fashion bracelets online sale. Bracelets are very simple but it is stylish jewellery for the season.



Bangles are also a must for any fashionista during Navratri. It is very important for married women as well. In order to inculcate both youth and aged women alike, various jewellery stores have come up with exquisite designs for bangles.


Jhumkas have been in existence since a long time. It is conical, circular or in church bell shape. Jhumkas come in gold, silver, oxidised, diamond and terracotta designs and patterns.


Anklets are also very important during Navratri season as a designer and fashion jewellery accessory. Anklets come in different designs. Mostly, youth are very keen on getting the trendiest designs in anklets. Hence, jewellery shops make it a point to design unique designs for them.

Navratri is a nine-day long festival and people celebrate it with great pomp and grandeur. It is celebrated in great esteem with special dedication to Goddess Durga. Since all types of jewellery bought during this time are considered auspicious, they invest a lot in such jewellery during this time. Youth is also very keen on it. Gold and diamond are bought and worn by ladies during this time in order to welcome good luck enter their lives for the whole year. Navratri is the best time to invest in jewellery and hence you should make it to the most this season. Various stores offer great ornaments at great price also. Even from ancestors’ time, people are recommended to do jewellery shopping during Navratri which in turn brings luck and prosperity