Tips on buying her a diamond engagement ring

Has the date of your engagement with your lady love got finalized? Then you might be very excitedly waiting for the D-day to come when you will put a diamond ring on her finger and promise to be with her throughout your life. In case you have not bought the ring yet, follow these advices for buying her a diamond engagement ring.

  • Make a budgetary plan

It is said that love is blind. Thus, there is every chance that you will tend to go beyond your affordable limit and blow up all your savings on the diamond ring. If you wish to eliminate such a chance then making a budget plan from beforehand is very crucial. Make a rough estimate of the money that you can spend to buy your would be wife an exquisite diamond ring from Online exclusive jewllery collection or physical showrooms. This plan will make you stick to the collections that fall within your affordable range. However, be flexible and allow some relaxations so that your rigidity does not make you let go a stunning engagement ring just because it costs only few dollars more than your pre-planned budget


  • Prioritize upon reputed jewelers

As you will have to let go considerable part of your savings for buying a diamond engagement ring for her, so it is absolutely necessary for you to be assured that you are buying authentic and certified diamond. For this, you have to make it a point that the jewelry has been bought from a reputed jeweler. Choose a jewelry store that is experienced and has been operating in the industry for quite some time. Even if you have decided to make the purchase from a new online or physically present jewelry store, you have to be sure that it is a sister concern or unit of an already established jewelry brand. Instances like this include that of Jewelmantra, which was launched as online jewelry store by Bollywood actress Kriti Senon in 2014. The store launched its fresh new collections again in June 2017 at a fashion show in Vedic Village through model Dipti Gujral.

  • Pick the right style

After the budget and the jeweler have been finalized, it will be necessary for you to pick up the right style of ring that amalgamates accurately with her tastes and personality. Let us tell you, diamonds that are etched inside rings come in different shapes and cuts. Similarly, engagement rings are available in platinum as well as gold base. You need to select the perfect style that you believe will melt her heart for sure.




Jewellery, be it Indian or western, enhances the look and attire of every person. Jewellery is worn on various occasions such as marriage, anniversary, birthday, family functions etc. Western jewellery has been in recent craze with western outfits. These jewelleries are sleek and light weighted. It represents a classy as well as elegant look. On the other hand, Indian jewellery is quite heavy weighted and is the representative of Indian culture and customs. These are mainly worn with Indian outfits such as sarees, lehenga etc.

Traditional jewellery holds to be in key demand. Bridal jewellery, floral collections, light weighted office collections are the recent additions made to this genre. Bridal jewelleries consist of heavy weighted bridal sets comprising of necklace, earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings, chains etc. Floral collection consists of floral designs curved out with gold element and sometimes it may be studded with precious stones. Office wear collection is one of the hot selling items in jewellery at the present time. Sleek chains, pendants, studded earrings and classy rings are the perfect ones that go with office attire.


Jewellery shops have observed the ongoing changes and recent trends in the fashion and accordingly they are updating their designs and introducing new items and designs in their catalogue. In India, several jewellery shops even organize jewellery fair where people can find numerous shops at one place. Likewise, they can compare and do their buying. Indian designs mostly concentrate on heavy engraving on gold or silver base. Certain jewelleries such as anklets are only made with silver. Fusion jewellery combining gold or silver with other elements are also in the buzz these days. Platinum rings with or without diamonds are the perfect engagement rings for would be bride and groom. Thus, all sorts of jewellery to suit everyone’s budget are available in the market.


Ever since the introduction of jewellery into the market, there has been regular demand for gold, silver and other gemstones studded jewellery. While gold jewellery is sold with different purity levels such as 24KT, 22KT, 18KT and 14KT, diamonds are sold on the basis of carats. The prices of diamonds depend much on their cut and carats. Indian jewellery is one of the most crafted jewelleries in the world. The work of jewellers, their exquisite designs and state of art making render high value to these jewelleries. No wonder why these jewelleries have gained so much of importance in the world market.

Reasons to buy jewellery as a gift

Women are a bit complicated when it comes to know what’s going on in their mind. They feel numerous things at one time and that is the reasons why making them smile or pampering them is difficult. However, one thing is there that makes them smile or make them happy is jewellery. You will never hear from any woman that she has enough jewellery and she will always say that she has nothing. However, one can ask that why jewellery and why not something else. The answer to this question is simple but has a very deep meaning.

If you have observed any woman then you will simply understand that they love to adorn themselves with precious, designer or stylish jewelries which will make them look beautiful and elegant. Women are associated with beauty and style so as jewelries. You will see that both of them are inseparable and they complement each other. There are various other reasons why women love jewelries as gifts and that is they can always expand their jewellery collection if they get jewelries as gifts. They are precious, priceless and a smart way to tell someone that you care or they are important to you.

You will also see that there are various online stores open now that offers jewellery gifts online so that you can easily send jewelries as gifts to someone easily. They showcase numerous unique and latest designs which are different and make a unique collection. They also offer price lesser than offline stores and the quality of the products are very high as well. Overall you get the best product for all your needs and occasions which means there will be one for all your dresses as well as occasions.

While buying jewellery online as a gift you should also know about the taste of the person for whom you are buying the gift and you will be able to strengthen the bond between your both with a beautiful yet simple jewellery as gift. Giving jewellery as a gift is a way to say how precious they are and how much you care for them. However, make sure that you buy the right jewellery for the right person from the right place or else whatever you have thought of will not come to reality and your entire money will be simply wasted. A small gift can do wonders.

Amazing and designer jewelries online at your budget

I have so many jewelries said no woman ever. Jewelries are women’s favorite and they love to adorn themselves with different types of jewelries. For that very reason there are so many stores open to offer them designer jewelries which they can buy and wear them whenever they want. Jewelries are not only to show your status or your standard but they also enhance your beauty and charm and make you look more elegant and stylish. There are different segments of jewelries which you can find online as online stores are now the biggest window to get the best jewelries at the best price.

Why shop jewelries online?

The most important reason is that you get a wide range of collections for jewelries. Second reason is that the price of jewelries online is very less compared to that of offline stores. You can also find jewelries that are artistically inspired and are designer yet they are so reasonable. Apart from that, you can also check the details of the product and in some jewelry you also get warranty. The jewelries that you see online are unique and different and are difficult to find elsewhere. This is also one of the main reasons to buy jewelries online.

JM046DSET-380x380Jewelries that are shown online are designed by various big and small brands and the price that you see for those jewelries are very cheap as compared to that of offline jewelries where various additional charges are applied. This makes them expensive and the designs are not unique either. While buying jewelries online you will see that they are displayed in a much better and clear way which will help you to understand the design and use of the jewelry.

For those who prefer to stay in fashion should opt for jewelry shopping online as online stores come up with the latest fashion trends which will make them look trendy and fashionable with those jewelries. So, another reason to shop jewelries online is that you get latest designs and styles which will make you look fashionable and trendy and you can be the diva of your girl gang. With so many reasons the ultimate conclusion is that buying online jewellery is the best way to get designer and stylish jewelries at a very lesser price. You also get different designs as well which are unique and you can look forward to have a unique jewelry collection of yours.


Pointers to Consider while Buying Gold Jewellery

Purchasing gold jewellery is considered as an investment. However, you can only be assured that you have invested your hard earned money in the right area when you remain confident about the authenticity of the gold jewellery that you buy. For this, you need to know about the tips that help in understanding whether gold jewellery is real or not.  Compiled here are some of these tips. So, watch out !

Check for Authentication Mark

Genuine gold jewellery will always have an accredited mark that confirms its authenticity. This mark is known as Hallmark. There should be a specific symbol and some specific numbers as Hallmark signs. Research on these signs and symbols before you make the purchase so that you can always cross-check your gold jewellery before making the purchase.


Check for Carat Count

There is something called the Carat count that tell you how much impurities are there in each gram of gold that you have purchased. Here it needs to be mentioned that certain percentage of impurities are necessary in an ore of gold in order to cast it into a piece of jewellery. Therefore, gold meant for making jewellery cannot be of 24 Carats. On the other hand, diamonds can be set in 18 Carat gold jewellery. However, it is simultaneously true that buying a gold jewellery of 22 Carats will be costlier as compared to that containing 18 Carat or 14 Carat gold. Therefore, check the Carat count of the jewellery carefully for estimating its value before paying for the purchase of gold jewellery online india.

Check the Repute of the Jeweller

Whether you buy gold jewellery online India or from a physical showroom, your exclusive focus should always be upon the jewellers who are renowned and reputed for selling genuine gold.  Your priority for these genuine jewellers should not get replaced even if they demand high service charges or do not provide you any discount. Actually, you need to remember that when you consider gold as investment you have to rely upon reliable jewellers because the products they sell are always genuine. Hence, gold brought from them will give you good value when you sell them. On the contrast, even though start-up jewellery stores or non-reputed jewellers might offer you lucrative discounts and deals for your purchase, you would always remain sceptic about the quality of gold jewellery you buy from them.

Secrets to Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling

Diamonds are the perfect jewels that are loved and adored by men and women. More than men, women make the majority populace which appreciates and uses diamonds. Diamonds are the best known for their glittering sparkle which catches everybody’s eyes. And for that, you have to make sure to preserve and use the diamonds in a way that their brightness doesn’t fade and go away. Hence, it is very important that you take steps which keep your diamond sparkling forever. Here are some of the best steps to store the diamond perfectly::


  • Be Careful When You Wear Them :: Though diamonds are precious and the hardest metals, it is essential that you wear them carefully. Only a diamond can scratch the other diamond. So when you wear two or three diamond rings together, wear them on different fingers. This reduces the risk of their damage and other scratches and cuts. And just like this, also carefully examine and wear other rings, so that they don’t bang together.
  • Keep Them Safe :: Your jewellery needs to be preserved and when you don’t wear them, keep them safely in your jewellery box. This is a very expensive metal and so, you have to be precise with handling and keeping them, safe. Maintain a jewellery box; however, you can keep assorted compartments in the box. Don’t keep several metals together and different rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings together in a single box.
  • Handle Them Well Around Hard Surfaces :: It is very obvious that you will not bang your ring with a hammer since it can damage your diamond ring. But do you know, there are various other substances, with which you come in contact daily, can harm the diamond? The doors of the gate, the seat belt buckles in the car, your wardrobe, and file storing cabinets, can all bang the ring and tear it accidentally. So be very attentive when you come in contact with these regular elements to preserve the diamond.
  • Use of Cosmetics :: You must be using the body oil, cream, lotions, other hair sprays and cosmetics regularly. But when you do, you have to be sure, you take off the diamond. Since these cosmetics contain chemicals and release oil, that oil can make fade the diamond and take away its beauty.
  • Cautious with Household Works :: Your day to day work, like bathing, cooking, cleaning, and baking can take away the sparkle from diamonds. Remember that you are wearing these precious metals and be careful with them, while you do the households.

These are some of the very easy and effective ways that can keep your engagement ring, sparkling and glittering.