5 Tips to Keep Your Silver Jewellery Sparkling Like New

Silver is one of the most popular metals when it comes to jewellery because it’s perfect for office wear or everyday use. However, despite its many virtues, a lot of people think twice before buying silver jewellery.  This is because they’re all too aware that silver can get tarnished very easily. After being exposed to the air and because of oxidative reactions with sulphur, silver often develops a black coat. This coating might look unsightly, but the good news is, it doesn’t cause permanent damage. Once you remove the tarnish (which can be done easily enough) your silver jewellery will look as good as new. So don’t let the threat of tarnish stop you from buying beautiful pieces of silver jewellery. Here are five tips that will help you prevent your silver from tarnishing and what to do if it does.stand


1.  Wear it in the right order

Silver can be a very finicky metal, there are plenty of triggers that can cause it to tarnish. To keep your jewellery shiny, you need to shield it from as many chemicals as possible. When you’re getting ready to go out, make sure your silver jewellery is the last thing you put on before heading out. This protects it to a large extent from your lotions, perfumes, hair spray and makeup. By contrast, when you return home, your silver jewellery should be the first thing you remove. Again, this prevents it from coming into contact with harmful chemicals. It’s also important that you don’t wear silver jewellery while swimming, doing dishes or having a shower.

2.  Store them in airtight containers or bags as tarnish is caused due to exposure to air

To slow down the tarnishing process, your silver jewellery should come into contact with as little air as possible. Wrap each individual piece of silver in tissue and store it in airtight Ziploc bags. You could even store them in air-tight containers if you have them. Never store rubber bands with silver or use rubber bands to close bags containing silver. As rubber bands begin to age, they release sulphur, which can accelerate tarnishing. One of the most effective ways you can prevent tarnishing is to store silver with silica packets. Silica packets are generally found in shoe boxes or with sunglasses to remove excess moisture. Instead of throwing them in the trash, store your silver with them to keep it looking as good as new. If you don’t have any silica packets lying around, a stick of chalk will work just as well.

3.  Polish it occasionally with a lint-free cloth to avoid scratches and maintain shine

Silver is a very soft metal and can easily get scratched if you aren’t careful. Don’t try to remove tarnish with an abrasive cloth because this can just make things worse. Instead, search for soft anti-tarnish wipes that can work miracles against tarnish. These wipes are soaked in a solution that can absorb excess oxygen and sulphur from the air. Both oxygen and sulphur are like kryptonite for your silver. By preventing them from coming into contact with them, anti-tarnish wipes can keep your silver tarnish-free. However, these wipes are only effective as a preventative treatment. Once tarnish sets in, they won’t be able to do much to remove it. So to prevent your jewellery from getting tarnished in the first place, wipe it down regularly with anti-tarnish wipes.

4.  If the pieces are too fragile, take them to a professional jeweller for a thorough cleaning

If you have very delicate earrings you’re afraid might get damaged if you try to treat it yourself, leave it to the professionals. Professional treatment is also your only option if your jewellery is severely tarnished. Jewellery experts have special equipment that can remove layers of tarnish that have built up and reveal sparkling silver underneath. They’re also your best option if you feel you might unintentionally harm your silver if you try doing it yourself.

5.  Opt for DIY silver cleaning solutions instead of commercial ones

Commercial tarnish-removing products are effective but can be very pricey. Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY remedies you can use that work just as well. One trick that works better than most other silver tarnish hacks is the combination of aluminium foil, white vinegar and baking soda. To remove tarnish with these ingredients, bring water to a boil with a sheet of aluminium foil inside it, shiny side up. Once it boils, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and then drop your tarnished silver into it. After about 15 seconds (or more depending on how bad the tarnish is), remove your jewellery and buff it dry with a microfiber cloth. Your silver will look so shiny you can be forgiven for thinking it was magic. However, never use baking soda directly on silver to scrub it because it can be too abrasive.


Benefits of Wearing Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling silver jewellery is an affordable and durable alternative to pure silver jewellery. It is also a practical choice for white gold without the price tag. Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals such as nickel or copper. This combination gives the silver better shape, sparkle, and strength. In recent years, silver jewellery has grown tremendously in popularity due to its majestic, flattering appeal. Its use in coins, decorations, and cutlery, speaks volumes about its versatility and unique appeal.

Earrings vs. Other Types of Jewellery

As more jewellery suppliers are making their work available online, the sales for sterling silver jewellery have sky rocketed. Sterling silver earrings, in particular, are a very popular item among online jewellery shoppers. Sterling silver earrings provide an effortless elegance to all kinds of looks. The durability and practicality of sterling silver is just one of the many benefits of wearing sterling silver earrings.

Another one of the benefits of wearing sterling silver earrings is that they are an integral accessory to most looks. Whether they are minimal CZ studs, wave climber earrings, or bold chandelier earrings, earrings are the first accessory others will notice when they look at you.

One of the more practical benefits of wearing sterling silver earrings is that they do not distract you as you go about your day. Bracelets and rings may bother you or distract you as you work, but earrings stay out of your way.

Another one of the benefits of wearing sterling silver earrings is that their prices have decreased as sales have increased in the online market. Sterling silver earrings are a perfect alternative to gold earrings when it comes to meaningful gifts and bridal party accessories. After all, a bride dressed in white is incomplete without a set of white gold or sterling silver earrings.1.1

Trends in Sterling Silver Earrings

Recent trends in earrings such as the cuff earring, climber earring, or earring jacket, have made the benefits of wearing sterling silver earrings more attractive. Earrings also make great gifts for your loved ones, and are normally less expensive than rings or necklaces. The wide range of styles when it comes to sterling silver earrings is endless. One can only benefit from choosing to buy sterling silver earrings for themselves or for loved ones.

Silerio Silver Collection

The Silerio Silver Collection; designed for youth, has been launched by Jewelmantra.com, a unit of Mahabir Danwar Jewellers on 3rd of November. The name Silerio comes the word Silver itself. Silver has its own shine that enhances even more when it comes into light. Swarovski Zirconia adds an extra charm and glow to the jewellery piece.

The concept of Silerio jewellery was made noticing the trends that young women follow. Earring is an important accessory that everyone needs to wear whether they are going for work or are off to a party. All earrings are made in such a way that they are pocket friendly as well as elegant to look. An earring adds on that extra glamour to the face of the wearer.


Jewelmantra always deals in precious jewellery like Gold and Diamond but for the first time it launched a collection other than that so that customers get more variety to buy jewellery from our website. As a dealer of precious jewellery, we always have a quality check of every product before selling them to the buyer. The silver used in the earrings has a purity of 925kt.

Silerio was the quickest collection to be launched by Jewelmantra. As soon as the idea was executed, the Creative Team got onto their work for creating exceptional designs for their customers. The Director and the Team Head sat together for deciding the name of the collection. The Inventory Team was ready to upload all the designs on www.jewelmantra.com, a unit of Mahabir Danwar Jewellers. In this way, finally The Silerio Silver Collection was launched.



Specialties of Jewelmantra

Jewelmantra.com is a unit of Mahabir Danwar Jewellers. It has a great range of products for all types of customers, be it a kid or a young girl or a lady or a man. If one wants to gift their loved one a jewellery staying far away, it is best site for that purpose. It is 100% Hallmarked and has Certified Diamonds.

Few of the specialties of Jewelmantra are:

  1. 100% Hallmarked jewellery and Certified Diamonds
  2. In-house designers
  3. In-house manufacturing
  4. Customisation of jewellery available
  5. Best site for gifting items and light range items
  6. Trusted site for buying jewellery online
  7. Free shipping all over India
  8. Launch new collections very often that is unique and loved by customersJM516E

Why Prefer Jewelmantra?

Jewelmantra.com is an online brand of Mahabir Danwar Jewellers. Jewelmantra manufactures designs and markets jewellery of superior quality, crafted from genuine material. We believe that what we sell is more than just an embellishment. Each piece is an expression of your spirit, of your personal style reinforcing our commitment to bringing the very best in quality and design from around the world for you to blaze a trail.

Why should one prefer Jewelmantra.com over other brands?

  • Price low as compared to other brands
  • No compromise in quality of the product
  • All products of Jewelmantra.com are 100% Hallmarked and Certified
  • Free shipping all over India
  • Variety of jewellery in Gold, Diamond and Polki
  • Jewellery for every occasion is available
  • Launch new collections with a customer friendly range of products
  • Best for buying jewellery for gifting your loved oneJM214E


Jewellery, be it Indian or western, enhances the look and attire of every person. Jewellery is worn on various occasions such as marriage, anniversary, birthday, family functions etc. Western jewellery has been in recent craze with western outfits. These jewelleries are sleek and light weighted. It represents a classy as well as elegant look. On the other hand, Indian jewellery is quite heavy weighted and is the representative of Indian culture and customs. These are mainly worn with Indian outfits such as sarees, lehenga etc.

Traditional jewellery holds to be in key demand. Bridal jewellery, floral collections, light weighted office collections are the recent additions made to this genre. Bridal jewelleries consist of heavy weighted bridal sets comprising of necklace, earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings, chains etc. Floral collection consists of floral designs curved out with gold element and sometimes it may be studded with precious stones. Office wear collection is one of the hot selling items in jewellery at the present time. Sleek chains, pendants, studded earrings and classy rings are the perfect ones that go with office attire.


Jewellery shops have observed the ongoing changes and recent trends in the fashion and accordingly they are updating their designs and introducing new items and designs in their catalogue. In India, several jewellery shops even organize jewellery fair where people can find numerous shops at one place. Likewise, they can compare and do their buying. Indian designs mostly concentrate on heavy engraving on gold or silver base. Certain jewelleries such as anklets are only made with silver. Fusion jewellery combining gold or silver with other elements are also in the buzz these days. Platinum rings with or without diamonds are the perfect engagement rings for would be bride and groom. Thus, all sorts of jewellery to suit everyone’s budget are available in the market.


Ever since the introduction of jewellery into the market, there has been regular demand for gold, silver and other gemstones studded jewellery. While gold jewellery is sold with different purity levels such as 24KT, 22KT, 18KT and 14KT, diamonds are sold on the basis of carats. The prices of diamonds depend much on their cut and carats. Indian jewellery is one of the most crafted jewelleries in the world. The work of jewellers, their exquisite designs and state of art making render high value to these jewelleries. No wonder why these jewelleries have gained so much of importance in the world market.

Reasons to buy jewellery as a gift

Women are a bit complicated when it comes to know what’s going on in their mind. They feel numerous things at one time and that is the reasons why making them smile or pampering them is difficult. However, one thing is there that makes them smile or make them happy is jewellery. You will never hear from any woman that she has enough jewellery and she will always say that she has nothing. However, one can ask that why jewellery and why not something else. The answer to this question is simple but has a very deep meaning.

If you have observed any woman then you will simply understand that they love to adorn themselves with precious, designer or stylish jewelries which will make them look beautiful and elegant. Women are associated with beauty and style so as jewelries. You will see that both of them are inseparable and they complement each other. There are various other reasons why women love jewelries as gifts and that is they can always expand their jewellery collection if they get jewelries as gifts. They are precious, priceless and a smart way to tell someone that you care or they are important to you.

You will also see that there are various online stores open now that offers jewellery gifts online so that you can easily send jewelries as gifts to someone easily. They showcase numerous unique and latest designs which are different and make a unique collection. They also offer price lesser than offline stores and the quality of the products are very high as well. Overall you get the best product for all your needs and occasions which means there will be one for all your dresses as well as occasions.

While buying jewellery online as a gift you should also know about the taste of the person for whom you are buying the gift and you will be able to strengthen the bond between your both with a beautiful yet simple jewellery as gift. Giving jewellery as a gift is a way to say how precious they are and how much you care for them. However, make sure that you buy the right jewellery for the right person from the right place or else whatever you have thought of will not come to reality and your entire money will be simply wasted. A small gift can do wonders.