Silerio Silver Collection

The Silerio Silver Collection; designed for youth, has been launched by, a unit of Mahabir Danwar Jewellers on 3rd of November. The name Silerio comes the word Silver itself. Silver has its own shine that enhances even more when it comes into light. Swarovski Zirconia adds an extra charm and glow to the jewellery piece.

The concept of Silerio jewellery was made noticing the trends that young women follow. Earring is an important accessory that everyone needs to wear whether they are going for work or are off to a party. All earrings are made in such a way that they are pocket friendly as well as elegant to look. An earring adds on that extra glamour to the face of the wearer.


Jewelmantra always deals in precious jewellery like Gold and Diamond but for the first time it launched a collection other than that so that customers get more variety to buy jewellery from our website. As a dealer of precious jewellery, we always have a quality check of every product before selling them to the buyer. The silver used in the earrings has a purity of 925kt.

Silerio was the quickest collection to be launched by Jewelmantra. As soon as the idea was executed, the Creative Team got onto their work for creating exceptional designs for their customers. The Director and the Team Head sat together for deciding the name of the collection. The Inventory Team was ready to upload all the designs on, a unit of Mahabir Danwar Jewellers. In this way, finally The Silerio Silver Collection was launched.




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