Pointers to Consider while Buying Gold Jewellery

Purchasing gold jewellery is considered as an investment. However, you can only be assured that you have invested your hard earned money in the right area when you remain confident about the authenticity of the gold jewellery that you buy. For this, you need to know about the tips that help in understanding whether gold jewellery is real or not.  Compiled here are some of these tips. So, watch out !

Check for Authentication Mark

Genuine gold jewellery will always have an accredited mark that confirms its authenticity. This mark is known as Hallmark. There should be a specific symbol and some specific numbers as Hallmark signs. Research on these signs and symbols before you make the purchase so that you can always cross-check your gold jewellery before making the purchase.


Check for Carat Count

There is something called the Carat count that tell you how much impurities are there in each gram of gold that you have purchased. Here it needs to be mentioned that certain percentage of impurities are necessary in an ore of gold in order to cast it into a piece of jewellery. Therefore, gold meant for making jewellery cannot be of 24 Carats. On the other hand, diamonds can be set in 18 Carat gold jewellery. However, it is simultaneously true that buying a gold jewellery of 22 Carats will be costlier as compared to that containing 18 Carat or 14 Carat gold. Therefore, check the Carat count of the jewellery carefully for estimating its value before paying for the purchase of gold jewellery online india.

Check the Repute of the Jeweller

Whether you buy gold jewellery online India or from a physical showroom, your exclusive focus should always be upon the jewellers who are renowned and reputed for selling genuine gold.  Your priority for these genuine jewellers should not get replaced even if they demand high service charges or do not provide you any discount. Actually, you need to remember that when you consider gold as investment you have to rely upon reliable jewellers because the products they sell are always genuine. Hence, gold brought from them will give you good value when you sell them. On the contrast, even though start-up jewellery stores or non-reputed jewellers might offer you lucrative discounts and deals for your purchase, you would always remain sceptic about the quality of gold jewellery you buy from them.


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